Niue Island

Wooden aux. schooner. 184 tons gross 146 net. No. 118975. Length, 108.1ft. beam, 24.4ft. depth,8.8 ft. Built 1905 by Lane and sons Whangaroa. Owned by D.C. Roberts and Robert Garroway. Wrecked on Taupa reef Niue, 24th Oct. 1923.

Wooden Brig. 189 tons. No. 32332. Length, 78.7ft. beam, 20.4ft. depth, 13.5ft. Built, time and place unknown. Owned by John Lyons, Reg. Sydney. Wrecked Niue at 169deg. N.19deg. S. on June 24th 1872.

Wooden Barque, 296 tons. Built in 1844 in Harwich. Owned by A Hall & Sons, Aberdeen & London Missionary Society. Wrecked at Niue Jan. 8th 1867. A total loss.

Two masted schooner, No. 94237. 103 tons. Built by Lane & Co. Whangaroa. Owned by W Futting. Commanded by R Anderson.Reg. Auck. Sept. 1891. Wrecked Alofi Bay, Niue Island, on Jan 11th 1919

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