RMS Niagara
RMS Niagara

RMS Niagara New Zealand's gold ship sunk off the Northland coast by a German mine during World World ll .RMS Niagara a ship once called "the Titanic of the Pacific".When sailing the Pacific route - Sydney, Auckland, Fiji, Honolulu to Canada from 1913, the Niagara was sunk in 1940 in Hauraki Gulf, New Zealand by mines laid by the German raider HSK Orion.

Lost with the ship in a depth of 120 metres was a consignment of 590 gold bars, weighing 8 tonnes, owned by the Bank of England. The bullion was consigned to the United States for the purchase of desperately needed war materials for the defence of Great Britain.
RMS Niagara Bell
A bell from the Niagara was recovered in 2007, and after going through
a conservation process by Noel Hilliam, has come up looking very nice.


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