lenaGraeme Doherty, a relative of the sole survivor Arthur Doherty, is seeking information regarding the possible location of the scow Lena which sank in the Hauraki Gulf in 1957. An account of this sinking is in the shipwreck section. Additional information supplied by Graeme is below, that was in the National Archives when a fishing vessel fouled their gear.

This Department was informed by Mr Cole of Kia Ora Fisheries that on the 10th  October 1957, that one of his Company’s fishing vessels,  M.V.”Lister”, had Fouled part of her gear on an obstruction which they believed to be part of the “Lena”. The position given was South-East of the Tarakihi  group of Islands and since the “Lena” was last seen just off Bass Rock, this position could possibly be correct.
Before any further action to be taken by the  Department it wanted a Mr L.W. Subristsky of Auckland ,Skin Diver to complete an investigation of the area.

The Collector of Customs----16th January 1958

In reply to your memorandum of the 23rd December 1957.
I have to advise you that arrangements have been made with the Hydro graphic  Branch of the Navy to carry out a sweep of the area with a survey launch.
You will be informed in due course of the result of the Navy’s investigations.
In the meantime it is not proposed to employ Mr L.W.Subritsky.

If anybody fishing or diving this area and suspect they have seen or snagged the remains, any information would be greatly appreciated by Graeme.

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